Saturday, 17 June 2017

Palestinian Heroes

Palestinian Heroes-

Happiness is their only victory,
Their one consolation

Until Israel too takes that from them.
But only for a second
For Islam demands happiness
As a weapon

That they are human
That they are resilient
And that they will smile again
On their own free land.

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Truth stands out clear from Error

TRUTH stands out clear from ERROR.

When we read the Qur'an we begin with S. Baqara, and its importance cannot be overstated. It is said that its best that it is read once daily in every household.

A couple of years ago I took my boys to a course in Ramadhan called "Journey through the Qur'an", but what I learned there was actually how little even that so called Sheikh understood about its relevance.

Many years ago know I began my journey through the Qur'an with a seeker of knowledge who used the Socratic method in approaching the Qur'an, in a very similar vein to the Qur'an itself. He it was that impressed me with the fact that the Qur'an needs at some points to be approached from a sociological perspective.

That it begins with Baqara that almost immediately talks about the Munafiq (hypocrites) because the chapter is concerned more particularly with the everyday life of the Muslim polity or state. It represents the blueprint of how Muslims are to live.

When it is read in that vein, then it's message rings true.

And it is within Baqara that we find the verse of Power, that contains within it both the most sublime name of Allah - the everliving- and also a statement of His absolute sovereignty over not just the Heavens, but also the Earth.
And then His ownership of all knowledge.

After that statement, what comes next is the most enlightening,
FOR God declares:

"There is no compulsion in your choice of your way of life.

Truth stands out clear from error."

This statement by itself is clear.
But framed first by Baqara, and following directly on from the verse of Power- this statement is overwhelming.

That no one has the right to impose a particular way of life on anyone else, so long as it does not negatively influence society.

And this in a Muslim State, or Polity, and Society.

So whilst those that seek to impose their view on us all often say that the last of Kafiroon is abrogated, ask them and then what do you say of the verse following on from Ayah tul Kursi?

They do not understand and are not given too. And that is our problem.

That our Scholars like to frame themselves as such, and not as seekers of knowledge all on a path.

That our people want scholars, and not teachers, as the people that they look up to. A teacher encourages a person to grapple with the Qur'an, as the Qur'an itself declares in regards to the first Jihaad.

That is even whilst they recognise that one of the Messengers name was Mu'allim - Teacher - and the greatest of Teachers.


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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Event Horizon

Event Horizon

They pried from my bent soul
Absent futures that might have been.

Every tear of sorrow
Mingled with blood on the morrow.

A life cut short
Many lives in pieces.

But my land will always be free
Whilst my heart flies in green birds.

Jerusalem will never be yours
And we,

We are the custodians.

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Beat the Conservatives on the Nation's doorsteps

Want to win the argument on the Nations doorsteps- 5 poimts to make people think.

Theresa May says that she's the Stromg and Stable Candidate.

But Corbyn has withstood the backstabbing of the Parlimentary Labour Party who still want him to fall on his sword.

And Corbyn has withstood the vilification of the Nations Press.

Corbyn is the Stronger candidate by far.

Theresa May's Government has U-turned on nearly every piece of legislation that Corbyn has challenged her on.
There's not much stability in the Conservative camp.

It might be argued that that only goes to show that she listens, but really all it goes to show that she doesn't do her homework and doesn't think things through- because her U-turns always come last minute.

On the Economy, Theresa May will continue with Austerity.
Do you know what our National Debt is?

Did you know that year on year since 2010 when Cameron and Osborne launched Austerity- the National Debt has continued to grow and looks set to continue until the 2020s...

No new ideas Theresa?

Well Austerity is not working.
If we're saving all that money and still continuing to cut services, then why is the National Debt NOT REDUCING?

Corbyn understands that the way out off the National Debt is not by cutting services, but by helping innovation and wealth creation.

The Tories have taxed us all to the hilt, so much so that wealth creation looks like a bygone era and word.

But Corbyn will ensure that small businesses that are the forefront of innovation will not go under when the Big Boys don't pay them on time. Most do fail not because of poor ideas, but because of rotten and flawed cash flows caused by Big Businesses that they are reliant on for bringing their products to market.

Corbyn wins on the Economy.

Now for the last nail in the Conservative Coffin: BREXIT.

Negotiations are never as simple as THIS IS WHAT I WANT.
It's about understanding what your opponent wants and then ameliorating that and helping for them to get what the want in exchange for what you want.

Sorry to call a spade a spade, but Theresa May is thick.
Apparently the EU negotiator asked some months ago about the number of EU citizens currently residing in the UK.
If that wasn't signal enough about what they want then I don't know what is.

MAY could have then easily said that all EU citizens that currently reside here will need to apply for dual Nationality by a certain deadline. And that would have given her a big negotiating chip.

MAY does not understand negotiation.
But I know that Corbyn can and does listen.

Corbyn is better placed to negotiate us out of the EU in a favourable position.

Now you tell me who is the better PM?

And forget the media, off course they are for the Status Quo and continually misrepresent Corbyn, or worse still don't give his substance air-time.

At least with so much anti-Corbyn media, you should wake up to substance and give the man a chance.

We all know that Thatcher won by repeating a simple formula over and over again.
The problem is that MAY Formula- Strong and Stable- actually points to Corbyn as being the one to win.

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

The most effective propaganda is silence.

The most effective propaganda is Silence.

They lie so much and so loudly, building whole citadels. But they only paper over the cracks in their stories.

What lends real credence to their lies is our silence.

Our collective conscience died that night.
That night when you did not pipe up.
For fear.

Fear smothered you better than a pillow ever could.
And like everything, even that fear was built on a lie.

So follow those cracks
Join those dots
And live a little
Laugh in the face of their fear mongering.

Let not your memories of those cracks fade
By your silence
Nor die by them.

Silence is the loudest endorsement.

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Son (on his 15th Birthday)


Enjoy your youth.
It goes so fast.
So long those years

Where days used to last
Like years all to themselves.
When not a care

Tarnished your dreams.
Hang on to those dreams
As long as you can.

Fold them up.
Cary them away.

And in those spare moments,
Which are few and far between,
Unfold those swans and zebras,

Let them roam again.
Down through the savanna,
Roam you once again.

Take your dreams with you.
Never leave them behind.

Love your father and mother.

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Monday, 2 January 2017

Lewishsm Hospital

Lewisham Hospital
Red beard riding his cycle
Up past Lewisham Hospital

So easy to call them other names
Those people, with no place to go

The lost, the driftwood, the twin Sams.
Gathered around that street bench.

What they do there?
Who knows?

Even in the cold of December,
They drift there.

What they do there?
I doubt, they even know.

Them poor lost souls.

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