Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Hypocrisy

How great a martyr. 
To be a thorn in the powerful's side. 
To tell the truth of their hypocrisy
How their truths are all lies. 

How they ignore the Palestinian cry
How they would sell their mothers, brothers and sisters 
On the day that will come to haunt them

When the truths that they spew 
Will be made fickle
And they will curse themselves 
And wish they were dust 

But they will burn, 

And GOD is not unjust.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

First Love

First love 
Scorches the earth

Etches itself in memory
Just like those words we spoke

Then why did those embers die

More real 
There cannot be

But nothing lives in desolate lands
Where once the forests grew

And now eons gone by
Black gold is mined

Shafeesthougths Sept 2017
Travelling southbound London Overground, and it's a beautiful day. 

Monday, 18 September 2017

it is a sad World, when ...

It's a sad World, when people believe that you are unpatriotic because you denounce Israeli aggression. 

And it's an even sadder World when they believe that what you say are untruths. 

A decade or more ago, before the Guardian became the Zionist propaganda machine that it is today, it used to run "eyewitness" accounts of real journalists reporting what was before their eyes without interpretation and without care for political correctness- just the facts as witnessed by them, the words of the people that they talked to and walked with. 

And I remember well the eyewitness account of the COLD BLOODED MURDER of a Palestinian girl, Hannah al Masri- from memory I recall her name- 

Who was on her way to school carrying her satchel, without a care in the World. 

The Israeli soldier called her to stop and then immediately opened fire. 

Dozens of bullets later he calming walked to her lifeless body and point blank launched another bulleti into her head. 

These are not lies. 
This was before fake news 

The girl was not even a teenager. 

Her crime?
That she represented a future that Israel wanted to demolish. 

Her crime?
That her land would one day be free. 

Free of the oppression of Israel. 
Free of the blindness of the World that allows such aggression to go unchecked, 
That allows Israeli Monsters to visit crimes and murder and death and incarceration upon the defenceless. 

I am not a Patriot. 
I am better than that. 

I am a human who cares. 
Who will not turn a blind eye to wrong. 
Until my heart gives out. 

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Moon Rise


In the inky twilight
Of no mans land 

Beneath sullen trees
With lengthening boughs 

Between the descending of the sun
And the rising of the night 

My namesake beat a retreat 
Whilst I, I crept out 

Self pity was ever my shroud
And the thought of death, my relief 

But all was not lost
Whilst I lay beneath those circling trees

For the Evening Star
Woke me from my reverie 

Piercing bright 
Later dimmed by the near moon

Which rose on its side 
Splendidly full

The moon and its glitter
Rolled the World in Silver

Moon rise 
More wondrous than any snow fall

I stepped out from that shade
Stood proud 

Whilst she lay a crown
Upon my head

Who was he that lay sullen?
Well he was gone 

Reliance and True Love

Reliance and true Love.

A father can love his young son because he represents all those chances that he did not take, or all those mistakes that he wishes he never made. 

It is as if the son were a reflection of himself. 
And if the reflection good then he loves him even more, since it vindicates his own self love. 
And if the reflection poor then his love diminishes.

The true name for this is not love, but vanity. 

True love is not vain. 
And for it not to be vain requires autonomy. 

However is it not love to care for, and wish the best for, a dependant?

And yet in order for it to be shown to be true, and not vain, requires that you help that dependant to grow in autonomy. 

Interestingly enough from even before our outset God declared the autonomy of man. HE did so in a speech whereby He informed the angels of the creation of man as a vicegerent, or successor, on the Earth. The implication being that man was from first a free agent. And then He empowered him with the knowledge of words.

Words are abstractions, the very stuff of ideas and imagination. And words were amongst the very first of creations even before the angels. For at the first He created the PEN and commanded it to write. 

And so to show HIS love for man and HIS hope for man, He set him free and empowered him with the greatest of His creations. And then He sent the Messengers to advice; as bringers of glad tidings and as warners of a day of recompense. 

There is no doubt that we are reliant on God, the sustainer, the gracious, but He shows His love for us by emphasising His independence from us. This is a clear fact: that whilst we depend on Him, He is independent of all. 

A father can never achieve that degree of love, precisely because a father can never be truly independent of his son. There will always be a time where the father can envisage the loss of his power, and his dependence. And at that the table turns and the son shows love for his father.

The opposite also holds in respect of a son or daughter for his father or mother. Their necessary dependence precludes any true love in the nature of how GOD choose us and blessed us. 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Man Knows

Man knows 

Man knows no poverty greater than that of his soul,
No happiness greater than selfless giving. 

He knows no grief greater than that of disbelief,
No knowledge greater than that of sharing. 

Of all the things that man possesses,
Knowledge, time and things he collects. 
All decrease upon the giving. 

Save only knowledge and charity. 
For these there is increase. 


Thursday, 10 August 2017

Song of Hope


Ancient groves of olive trees
Hundred years to bear fruit 
Moments to be bulldozed down 

The tinkle of faraway childhood laughter
Crescendos to breaking china 
Their indomitable spirit smiling higher

When all is lost 
We find ourselves 
In the midst of those with most 

Their smiles giving lies to the grand illusion. 
Far more is less that more itself 
And those with less, they are the best. 

So visit Rafah,
Spend time in Gaza,
And there you'll find our Kings. 

Without a crown,
With scanty clothes,
But with those, I'd give a million for. 

When they're bombed,
Their veils, they tightly shroud about
Their dignity we will never doubt. 

Never lost are those with home,
Even when all that remains,
                                 are those 
Beautifully wrought iron keys. 

Heirlooms of a bygone age 
Where have all the old folk gone?
We do homage them in this song. 

They saw a time 
When Palestine was free
And they lived to pass on that fair tale. 

That Palestine will be free once 'gain. 
Even when all the World and all its people
Forget them, We will not. 

And happiness will be theirs once again
To spread about, and share. 

I wanted to write a happy poem about Palestine. And so I googled "what does Palestine mean to Palestinians" and the first page was all Israeli information airbrushing out a millennia of history. 

Well after all it's clear that google lies. 
And this poet hopes that the idea of a Palestine will never die.